Land For Sale, Guernsey

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Land For Sale , Route Des Coutanchez, St Sampson's, Guernsey GY2

£ 70,000
Located in a central and convenient location in an area marked for Biodiversity. This agricultural field measures approximately 5 vergee and 16.49 ...

Land For Sale , Lower Rohais, St Andrew's, Guernsey GY6

£ 150,000
Agricultural field measuring 3.24 acres Located on the outskirts of St Peter Port, this agricultural field measures approximately three acres and o...

Land For Sale , Route Des Frances, St Saviour's, Guernsey GY7

£ 155,000
Agricultural fields measuring 11 Vergee and 31.49 perch (approximately 4.5 acres) in total located in St Saviour's enclosed by low earth banks. The...

Land For Sale , Le Petit Crolier, Torteval, Guernsey GY8

£ 55,000
Two agricultural fields measuring a total of 1.96 acres (5 vergee 4 perch) located on the Torteval cliff tops enclosed by low earthbanks. The field...

Land For Sale , Field - Le Grand Courtil, Rue Des Crabbes, St Saviour GY7

£ 75,000
A good level field of just over five vergees in a rural area of St Saviours. Description A good level field of just over five verges, located in a ...

Land For Sale , Rue Du Coemil, St Pierre Bois, Guernsey GY7

£ 40,000
Two agricultural fields measuring a total of 2 vergee 29 perch (4,466mor just over 1.1 acres) located on the cliff tops on the border of St Pierre ...

Land For Sale , Land Parcel - La Rocquette, La Palloterie Road, St Peter GY7

£ 47,000
A good size agricultural field ideal for cropping or animals. Description This good size, triangular field of approximately one and a half acres oc...


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